One System. Unlimited Possibilities.

The PeopleView System is MissionInsite's proprietary cloud-based technology platform behind FaithConnect and NPConnect. Designed specifically for church, faith-based and nonprofit leaders, the PeopleView System bridges the gap between data and decisionable information by answering the "where" and "what about" questions about your organization and community.

PeopleView is an easy-to-use, geo-demographic mapping interface built on Google Maps technology. There is no software or hardware for your organization to download or maintain additional licenses to purchase. No specialized training is required. It can be deployed to as many users within the organization as needed.

The PeopleView System brings demographic and institutional data into a powerful analytics platform

PeopleView answers "where" questions about your members, donors, users, locations, boundaries, housing developments, special programs and community at large.  By visually presenting the locational relationships, questions are answered and decisions can be made – simply and easily.

PeopleView provides three distinct but interwoven perspectives. Each perspective enables your organizational leadership to better understand the information presented and discover the solutions.

CoreView provides organizations with the ability to better understand their core targets: donors, prospects, members, volunteers and users.

By integrating your organization's own unique data in our analytics engine, CoreView provides both professional and lay leadership the ability to uncover the hidden gems of information and find solutions to very difficult challenges such as membership, ministry development, P2G (Propensity to Give) and extending programmatic mission boundaries.

CommunityView enables organizations to see the communities they serve by integrating a variety of key behavioral, socio-economic, financial, religious and demographic characteristics.

With CommunityView, our analytics and reporting tools enable you to see how aligned your organization is with its mission area.

FusionView reveals strategic needs and opportunities and solutions by combining the data you supplied in CoreView and the different demographic data sets in CommunityView together.

Seeing the information together and separately enables leaders to see their organization's strategic vision more clearly.

What's Next?

Learn more about the powerful features of the PeopleView System

What's Next?

Learn more about the powerful features of the PeopleView System

Learn more about the PeopleView System's powerful features: