PeopleView Discovery Tools

The PeopleView System has been developed to provide a comprehensive understanding of any geographical area, best described as "location intelligence."  Discover unique opportunities using interactive web based tools.

Opportunity Scan by Income
Hispanic/Latino Presence by Census Tract
Hispanic/Travel Time Display
Travel Time Select

Donor and Prospect Center (NPConnect)

Donor Center tools are a mix of analytic tools designed to assist clients in the analysis of their existing donor database once uploaded into the PeopleView System. These tools are designed to transform your existing Donor and Prospect database into actionable intelligence that will uncover the demographic profiles of your current donors, prospects and volunteers, identify those Mosaic segments that are most likely to give to your specific type of organization, and provide easy to understand development strategies making more targeted outreach possible.

Donors 1K
MOSAIC Types Detail Report
Prospect Center Selections
Prospect Center Plot
Prospect Development Strategies
Donor Center Report Selection

Community Demographic Reports

Integrated into the PeopleView System is a full array of census data. These data are updated two times each year. Select one of many preset geographies such as zip codes, census tracts, block groups, etc., and build your own custom demographic report or generate one of MissionInsite's Predefined Reports.

Block Group
Block Group Satellite Image
Build a Report
Build Report
Build Report

Google Base Maps

The PeopleView System has been built in conjunction with Google maps as part of Google's Enterprise program. All MI maps use Google base maps. Select Base Maps, Google's traditional Street Maps, Satellite View, Hybrid View or Terrain View. Additionally, Google's street view can be displayed inside the PeopleView System where available.

Hybrid View
Street View
Terrain View

Point and Click for Quick Answers

The analytical mapping tools best demonstrate the power of the PeopleView System. Complex and time consuming tasks are accomplished in seconds with the click of a mouse. The PeopleView System is designed for non-technical users.

Thematic Mapping

Maps tell stories. They visualize complex data. The PeopleView System makes map making very easy. Three clicks and a professional looking PowerPoint-ready map is created, giving you a seamless, easy-to-read view of your community.

Average Household Income
Contribute to Social Services
Primary MOSAIC Household Display


PeoplePlot is a powerful tool created to assist organizations to understand their "reach" into the community. PeoplePlot assists us to answer missional questions: Where do our constituents live? What can we learn about our constituents in relationship to the general population of an area?

By Neighborhood (FaithConnect)
Distance to Church (FaithConnect)
Plotting: parishes (FaithConnect)
Donor Plot (NPConnect)
Prospect Plot (NPConnect)

Opportunity Scan

Opportunity Scan assists in locating areas of opportunity within the community for selected data variables, such as household wealth, charitable giving by segment, volunteerism, or the Mosaic household groups.

Charitable Giving: Healthcare
Charitable Giving
Singles and Young Families
Singles and Young Families by Census Tract

A National Survey of American Religious Beliefs, Preferences and Practices (FaithConnect)

MissionInsite's new Quadrennium Report includes local community data descriptions for Beliefs About God, Beliefs About Jesus, Beliefs About Social and Moral Issues, Religious Affiliations and Preferences, Faith and Religious Involvement, Reasons for Non-Participation in Church, Life Concerns and Program or Ministry Preferences. A groundbreaking addition to the MI PeopleView System, Quadrennium provides the most current local religious information available for the church today.

Beliefs About God
Graph View
Local Church Landscape
Story View

Neighbor Center

The Neighbor Center allows the user to drill down to the individual household level. Integrating the Total Source Data from Epsilon with the PeopleView System, users are able to “view” and “connect” with people down at the individual household level. With Neighbor Center the user can select from an array of variables and plot in order to view accordingly. When the user has found the desired households, then a return to Neighbor Center allows the user to purchase the list.