Get the Data, See the Story

The PeopleView System allows clients to quickly and easily build reports and presentations. Reports generated help "tell the demographic story" about the community as a whole. Any table in the PeopleView System can be exported to Excel in one click. Data displayed on the map can be converted into a PowerPoint Slide in seconds.

Create a custom report from scratch, or select from hundreds of predefined, customizable reports, including:


QuickInsite is perfect for first-time users of demographic data.

A colorful 11-page introduction to your community built on the 2010 Census, including current, 5 and 10-year projections for population and households, as well as current and 5-year projections for families. The report features StoryView and ThemeView, based upon 10 demographic indicators, which include Population and Households, Age, Education and Career Status, Community Diversity (including the MOSAIC lifestyle types), Financial Resources and Religiosity.

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This 16-page report showcases your community through the lens of 12 essential insights.

Built upon the 2010 Census, data sets include current year updates, often integrating 5-year projections and 10-year forecasts, as well as the Experian MOSAIC lifestyle types.

In addition, this report includes Charitable Giving Practices from the Simmons Market Research Group and Religious Program or Ministry Preferences from the Quadrennium Project National Religious Survey of American beliefs, preferences and practices.

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This report provides the most comprehensive view of your community. It includes 33 pages of demographic information integrating data, graphs and interpretive analysis with an industry-leading unique format through StoryView, TrendView and ThemeView.

This report is built upon the 2010 Census, including current, 5 and 10-year projections for population and households, as well as current, 5 and 10-year forecasts for families.

This report specializes in high level detail for population trends, age, income, ethnicity, the New MOSAIC Household Portraits and much more.

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Donor Center

These reports are designed to analyze client's existing donor, prospect and volunteer databases using the PeopleView System.

The Donor Center includes reporting tools which transform a client's existing Donor, Prospect, and Volunteer databases into actionable intelligence for organizational resource development, illuminating ways to better leverage prospects, existing donors and volunteers, while uncovering the demographic profiles of those likely to give to your organization making more targeted outreach possible.

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The ComparativeInsite report provides an organization with a broad comparison of the demographic profile of a defined mission area with the demographic profile of an organization’s core people. It accomplishes this by matching a select set of variables from within the Experian Mosaic Segment of a study area with that part of the study area in which an organization’s core people reside. To accomplish this, a Mosaic Profile of both the study area and the organization’s core people is generated within the MissionInsite PeopleView System.

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This report provides an impression of an area's "character", including likely overall mood, values and community inclinations across a set of 20 unique value questions.

With data updated every year from Experian's Simmons Consumer Behavior data set, Impressions is a helpful way to begin exploring the mood, attitudes and behaviors of your service area and is an excellent companion to QuickInsite, ExecutiveInsite or FullInsite.

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Quadrennium Project

A national religious survey of American beliefs, preferences and practices, the Quadrennium Project conducted by MissionInsite includes local community data descriptions for The Beliefs Landscape (Beliefs About God, Beliefs About Jesus, and Beliefs About Social and Moral Issues), The Religious Affiliations and Preferences Landscape and The Local Church Landscape (Faith and Religious Involvement, Reasons for Non-Participation, Life Concerns and Program or Ministry Preferences).

For MissionInsite's clients, these survey results are combined with our other extensive data sets to help faith-based and nonprofit organizations understand the people living in their service area. The next Quadrennium Project will be released in late 2016 and will include more faith-based and nonprofit options.

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