Introduce MissionInsite to EVERY Church in 7 Minutes!

Get the Mesage Out! MissionInsite's New 7 Minute Video Introduces Your Churches to 21st Century Ministry Discovery.


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Our clients have said, "We love MissionInsite and we wish EVERY church would use the tool!" In response to client requests, MissionInsite has produced a short video designed to introduce churches and their congregations to the power of MI's PeopleView System.

Easily Downloadable or Viewable from the MissionInsite Home Page, this resource will challenge church users to uncover ministry opportunities using 21st century technology and powerful data analytics.

Whether in Larger Regional Gatherings or for Small Local Church Groups, this visual presentation explores why Missioninsite is more essential than ever for ministry planning in dynamic communities with increasingly more diverse cultures. Churches and their leadership will be encouraged to Turn Community Knowledge into Ministry Action!


With Apprecation,

The MissionInsite Team